Testimonies from Baptisms

My life before I decided to trust Christ: My life was great but there was always an empty part of me that I’ve been saving for Christ and the day that I get baptized will make me complete.

How and when I decided to trust Christ: I first decided to believe when I was pretty little, I was about 6. I decided to believe because I just knew that he was alive and there by my side.

How has this decision made a difference in my life: It’s made me happier and it will fill in that one part of me and I will know that somebody will always be there and care for me like my family and friends! Cierra Sarver                   

I have heard and have read many bible stories my entire life. I believe these to be true. The evening of August 14th, my dad gave me his Bible. Proudly, I began to read it. When I closed the bible to say my prayers I prayed, “Dear God, please let Jesus into my heart so I may be a disciple to you and teach others about the Bible. Please forgive my sins.” Instantly I had tears of joy. Still crying, I woke my mom and dad to tell them. For days I shared my experience with friends. This decision has made me feel closer to God. Ricky St. Mary