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Testimonies from Baptisms

My life before I decided to trust Christ: My life was great but there was always an empty part of me that I’ve been saving for Christ and the day that I get baptized will make me complete.

How and when I decided to trust Christ: I first decided to believe when I was pretty little, I was about 6. I decided to believe because I just knew that he was alive and there by my side.

How has this decision made a difference in my life: It’s made me happier and it will fill in that one part of me and I will know that somebody will always be there and care for me like my family and friends! Cierra Sarver

I have heard and have read many bible stories my entire life. I believe these to be true. The evening of August 14th, my dad gave me his Bible. Proudly, I began to read it. When I closed the bible to say my prayers I prayed, “Dear God, please let Jesus into my heart so I may be a disciple to you and teach others about the Bible. Please forgive my sins.” Instantly I had tears of joy. Still crying, I woke my mom and dad to tell them. For days I shared my experience with friends. This decision has made me feel closer to God. Ricky St. Mary

Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,