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Servolution stories 2021

July 2, 2021
Here are the awesome Servolution moments/stories from our JC3 family this week (YAY God!):
"We gave a giftcard to one of our graduating lifeguards as an encouragement to her."
"Reached out to a church family couple to simply say we miss them, especially on Sundays."
"Stopped by the church and saw two men working together in harmony.  It looked like a dance I said to myself. Outside at 1:30PM in 93 degree weather."
We had someone who went by Sam's Club and bought and donated stuff for the House of Mercy pantry. 
We have a couple who is willing to help serve the church family by cleaning the church.
We have someone who has signed up to help serve the church family by being a greeter.   
Praise God for these opportunities and thank you all for the ways in which you're starting a servolution in His name!

July 9, 2021
Here are the wonderful things the JC3 family has been doing this week during our time of Servolution:
“I sponsor four children through Compassion International”
“I make monthly contributions to three worthy organizations”
An amazing story was shared about helping someone out with the gift of tires, which not only resulted in a better work situation for that person but also for them giving God praise for it all. 
“My friend and I served together at the house of Mercy filling boxes of pantry food that will be given to families in the community who need it.  It felt so good to help and even better participating in Servolution together!”
“I met the mail carrier at our mailbox and offered a cold drink on a really hot day.”
We have someone who has reached out to a local dental group to ask for donations for House of Mercy. 
“Prepared and delivered meals to two families having health problems”
“I took over a friend's financial accounts for a period of time in order to organize income and expenses for a better, more workable option.  We formulated an ongoing plan for a successful financial future for her, which in turn relieves her stress.” 
“My neighbors were planning to visit family they had not seen in years.  The only problem was one of the family had advanced dementia. The trip was going to be cancelled.  So, I moved in for a week, took care of his needs (food, meds, etc.). So they had a great time and he and I did too.”
To God be the Glory in all of these things!

July 16, 2021
Praise God for the ways in which we are able to serve others in His name.  Here are the Servolution moments that were shared this week:
"My niece and I helped a neighbor trim her pet’s nails. Then we sat on her living room floor and laughed and talked for a while. Such a good visit.”
"We took blueberry muffins to the new neighbors."
“I treated my mail carrier to an ice cream sandwich.”
"Seeing children without a bed touched my son's heart so we gave a set of bunk beds to a friend in need."  And this Servolution moment led to others getting involved in which made it possible to deliver a fridge as well.  A really great story of church family working together to serve this friend in need.  God is good!
July 23, 2021
Servolution moments for this week:
  • “My car received a much needed repair and after it was finished, I wasn't allowed to pay for it. So I had to share that I was on the receiving end of a very special servolution moment by a church member and I thank God for them.”
  • “I asked someone to church”
  • “I gave someone some tomatoes” 
  • "I am so grateful for the way the worship team serves us week in, week out.  They are so dedicated and it allows us to have a time of worship with the Lord through music.  Especially this past week where they had to play in the hot sun of the summer, and yet they still provided a wonderful time of worship.  Thank you for your constant servolution JC3 worship team!"
We pray that all of this will be a blessing in His name, and that the love of Christ will be shown through these acts of Servolution.

July 30, 2021
Servolution moments and stories from our church family this week:
  • "I had the opportunity to volunteer for a shift at House of Mercy. In my short time there, I saw the behind-the-scenes operations and met some of the dedicated people of an organization that plays such a vital role in our community. The energy and enthusiasm of people working together to serve friends in need lifts the spirit and feeds the soul. Planning to volunteer there again."
  • "My granddaughter & I were able to put together lunch bags and water and hand them out to those on the street in need."
  • One of the kids that is a part of our church family really wanted to do a lemonade stand, so she planned for one where all proceeds will go to various charities (House of Mercy, a family in need, and meals on wheels). Servolution has certainly ignited JC3's serving passion for God and others in the community and beyond. With what began as an initiative from one of our church members to help a grandma with 7 children, JC3 has definitely taken this effort even further by donating a fridge, food, and basic necessities to this family. One of our children, Nyna, and her band organized a lemonade stand to raise funds for Meals on Wheels, House of Mercy, and this special family of 8! With God's help and many folks' generosity, this commendable initiative fetched $500! This is surely God's doing and we hope this encourages you, whether big or small, to do little acts of kindness and God will surely bless them! 
    "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Love your neighbor as yourself." - Mark 12:30-31
  • "Sharing the garden bounty with all I can. It's all in and plenty full. Tomatoes, corn, cabbages, potatoes, and much more.  The folks are loving it. Thank you for this opportunity to share JESUS."
  • "I was walking our dogs after a rain storm. Said hi to our over 80yr. old neighbor and he mentioned he wanted to go out to get dinner but his car battery was dead with no warning. I told him we could help jump his car. He said tomorrow morning is fine. I told a friend and he called the man and told him we'd be happy to come get his battery tonight and take him to exchange for a new one. Then he could sleep without worrying about a dead battery!  He accepted the help.  My friend unhooked it, and I carried it to the truck. We were back to install it and 20 minutes later he got to go in and eat the two hot dogs he'd prepared. Slept well too!"
What a beautiful variety of examples of serving in the name of the Lord.  Servolution is happening all around, taking all different kinds of forms.  May they each glorify God and exemplify His love to His people.

August 6, 2021
We had a couple of Servolution moments shared with us this week:
  • The story of the lemonade stand continues.  The lemonade stand was a great success and not only was the young lady able to make a good profit for the different organizations and the family she was raising money for, but she was able to see the whole process through.  She got to take part in the buying and delivering of goods to the family. What a beautiful story of God's love shown through one of His children. 
  • "I have a friend who came and brought my family a meal after my husband's surgery and brought him medical equipment to help him get around." God is SO good!
August 20, 2021
Although the series of Servolution has come to an end, the Servolution continues to be a part of our lifestyle as Christians.  Here are some recent servolution moments from our JC3 family:
  • "Even though I was very pressed for time, I spent time with a
colleague who was overwhelmed w/family issues. She
needed to talk, so I just listened empathetically, and offered
her hope."
  • "Bought groceries for an immune-compromised friend and
delivered them to her."
  • "Brought dinner to a lonely friend who’s homebound. We
talked, ate, and prayed together. She was so thankful that
someone was willing to listen and spend time with her."
  • We had a JC3 family member send us a list of several servolution  moments that they had experienced recently.  WOW!  To God be the glory for each of those things!
  • "Our folks are the best . A person has anonymously volunteered to get my oldest daughter new shoes.  Someone saw a need, felt the need, and is going to meet the need.  I haven't had a chance to buy my oldest new shoes and someone noticed and have asked for her shoe size as they are going to buy her a new pair of shoes."
  • "The sports camp leaders, volunteers, and sports leaders are doing an incredible job pouring into these kids this week.  It is inspiring and awesome to see."